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Metadium Crowdsale Details Now Available!

Hello friends of Metadium! We want to thank you for your patience as we were finalizing the details and logistics for the upcoming crowdsale.

We promised in our previous Medium post that we will do whatever it takes to gain our community’s support, and that is the very reason we decided to hold this Premium Token Offering (PTO) — or simply, a crowdsale. We hope you feel welcome and more connected to Metadium through this opportunity.

Please find the details for our crowdsale below:

  • Crowdsale will begin on September 18th (00:00:00) and end by September 22nd (23:59:59) UTC + 8
  • Amount of META available for crowdsale is 49,996,600
  • The price of 1 META will be USD 0.0425
  • Exchange rate (META/ETH) is 8,474 (base price for ETH is USD 360.13 at 00:00:00 Aug 10th on Coinsuper and the exchange rate is calculated by 360.13/0.0425)
  • Crowdsale will occur on the Coinsuper Exchange.

Coinsuper is dedicated to providing a secure and trustworthy cryptocurrency financial services to users and the market. As a bridge between users and projects, we rolled out the Premium Token Offering (PTO) with Coinsuper in partnership. You can subscribe to Metadium’s tokens at a fixed price on Coinsuper. CEN Community members will enjoy higher subscription quota from PTO. Coinsuper strictly follows the regulations of the project issuers’ country and users’ region.

Because our crowdsale will occur on the Coinsuper Exchange, it is important to note that interested participants MUST follow the Coinsuper registration platform and its rules. The following are the rules of participation:

1. Participation requirement

  • Users must complete the KYC process with Coinsuper under the following conditions:
  • Participants must be a non-US citizen and a non-Mainland Chinese citizen.
  • Participants must go through the “verification” process under the email that one registered.

2. Subscription quota for users

  • Minimum subscription: 0.5 ETH worth of META
  • Maximum subscription: 3 ETH worth of META (15 ETH for CEN Community members)
  • The amount of purchase can only be a multiplier of 0.5 ETH

*In order to become a CEN community member, users must lock up 500 CEN for a month. During the lock-up period, you can enjoy all the membership privileges in CEN Ecosystem Community. The amount will automatically unlock after One Month. See here for more details.

Furthermore, please take note of the subscription process that explains the META transaction in more detail:

3. Subscription process

  • Eligible users can subscribe to our token on Coinsuper Club
  • Metadium Crowdsale is conducted on a first-come, first-served basis and once the tokens are fully subscribed, the crowdsale will end regardless of the sale period
  • Please check your balance prior to subscription. If the balance is insufficient, the subscription will not be successful.

We would like to thank all of you for your continued support for Metadium!



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Metadium powers identification, authentication and crypto transaction management, providing AML compliance and risk management solutions.