Metadium‘s Token Metrics — Curiosity Resolved

As Metadium approaches closer to the release date of its Beta testnet, we felt that it is appropriate to release our token metrics for the META token.

Private Token Sale

First, it is important to note that Metadium had already finished a private sale with institutional investors back in early 2018. We have raised 38,000 ETH for one billion META tokens.

The following is a list of our institutional investors :

Funds Allocation

Below is the chart that represents our fund allocation :

Upcoming Crowdsale

Based on our vision for Metadium’s token economics, we have concluded that the total token sale, both public and private, will account for 52.5% of the total META tokens (initial total supply is 2 billion) in the ecosystem. For more information regarding the crowdsale, please join our Telegram announcement channel and Official Telegram Community where we will be providing more information soon. Below is the chart representing the total META token allocation :

Important Disclosure

The contract for the META tokens has not been created yet! Once the specific details have been established, we will announce it officially via our blog and telegram announcement channel here:

Team Metadium