Blockchain and Economic Future Symposium Recap

Dear Metadium community,

This morning, symposium with Vitalik Buterin regarding blockchain and economic future has been successfully held at National Assembly of South Korea. This is a recap of the event for those who couldn’t make it to the symposium.

Today’s discussion was about the policy agenda which could foster South Korea’s blockchain industry. Justin Park, CEO of Metadium, has participated as a speaker on a panel that talked about various ways blockchain can support economic development. In particular, identity blockchain, the main focus of Metadium, has been actively discussed.

During the dialogue, Vitalik emphasized how blockchain technology can support management of users’ personal information. He has repeatedly addressed the potential changes blockchain can bring to the identity field:

“With blockchain, each and every individual can prove their own identity without having centralized authority’s backing, and this can be utilized to build a layer of data security.”

“Many blockchain projects are emerging in the field of identity verification. […] Centralized services have their limitations by nature because of existing single-point-of-attack that results in tens of thousands of account hacks, whereas the recent identity projects can tackle this issue by offering services that enable users to effectively self-manage their personal data by utilizing blockchain technology,” said Vitalik.

Furthermore, he explained that blockchain technology is highly likely to be utilized in financial, gaming and many other industries. He also added that blockchain technology needs to be improved in order to be applied in these industries.

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