Give Our App a Name — and win a Prize from a Pool of $3,000 worth of META!

Dear beloved Metadium community members,

We are excited to announce a contest for the best Metadium App Name.

Our product is a digital ID app, currently being developed for iOS and Android.

The service has three main components.

  1. It enables you to login without ID/PW through facial recognition, fingerprint, etc.
  2. It allows to store passwords in one place by encryption.
  3. It integrates “mundane” and “virtual” identities to represent who you are.

These are three of many features we’ll have as we expand and grow.

Our overall ethos: help people take back control of their identity (through the concept of self-sovereign identity); provide means to store personal information and own it; give control over one’s data to self.

Our goal is to choose a snappy, easily searchable (SEO) name that connotes privacy, protection, safety and trustworthiness to a wide audience. Our main target user demographics for your reference are as follows:

  • Millennials
  • Gamers
  • People who are sensitive about personal data protection

The App name will be selected based on the results of the following:

  • Community poll
  • Team poll
  • Team discussion

Event Information

Dates: Dec 17, Mon 18:00 KST — Dec 23, Sun 18:00 KST

Total Prize Pool: $3,000 worth of META

- 1st prize: $1,000 worth of META

- 2nd-5th prize: $250 worth of META each

- All participants will automatically be entered into a lucky draw for the total prize of $1,000 worth of META.

Looking forward to hearing from brilliant Metadians!

The form is now open, hurry and submit your ideas here.

Important Notes

You relinquish all rights you may have to a name when/if it is chosen by Metadium. Cheating in any form is strictly prohibited and will result in immediate suspension from the event. In case of receiving exactly same options, only the first submission will be registered. All prizes are given out in META.