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How to Become a CEN Community Member

For those of you who had difficulties joining the CEN community, we hope the following instructions will prove helpful!

STEP 1. Login

  1. Go to the Coinsuper website:
  2. Login by clicking on the 【Login】/【Register】 button on the top of the page.

3. After login, go to 【Account】.

STEP 2. Deposit CEN

1. Fiat Deposit

1) At 【Account】, click on 【Deposit】. Transfer to the bank account provided on the page. After remittance, click 【Submit remittance record】

2) According to the page, fill in transfer amount and remittance receipt number, then upload a clear remittance receipt. Select 【Submit】.

3) After submitting the remittance information, Coinsuper will manually review the information provided by you. It will take some time and please wait patiently. After the review is completed, you can see the arrival status through 【Account】 — 【Account Summary】.

*Remarks:Coinsuper adopts manual review and remittance. Generally, manual remittance will be entered into the account automatically when the remittance is received by the system. The time of arrival depends on the bank’s remittance speed.

2. Crypto Deposit

1) Access 【Account】,Select “Cryptocurrency Deposit”

2 ) Select the currency to be deposited. Coinsuper will automatically assign a deposit address for your chosen currency. You can transfer the corresponding currency from your digital wallet to this address.

3. How to trade

1) Access 【Exchange】 page

2)Select the transaction type on the current page (Limit price/market price, buy/sell). Fill in price, quantity and fund password. Click “buy” or “sell”.

3)To review the order status, you can view it under “Open Orders / Order History” at the bottom of the current page. When viewing the records, please adjust the transaction type in the transaction area to the type you prefer.

STEP 3. CEN Community

  1. After depositing 500 CEN into your account, click on 【CEN Community】.

2. Click 【Join Now】.

3. Select 【One Month】 and click 【confirm】. (You are welcome to go for the other two options!)

4. Click 【Confirm to Join】.

5. Congrations! You have successfully become a CEN Community Member!

We hope the above guide were useful for you, and thank you for your continuous support for Metadium!



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