Introducing Our Leaders

Hello beloved Metadium community members!

Yes, we do have the TEAM page on our website, but we wanted to give you a little more information on our C-level officers, whom we are very proud of! They all have very colorful bios, each showing their strengths in business and expertise.

CEO — Justin Park

Justin Park is the CEO of Metadium, a next-generation blockchain platform. He is a former venture capitalist at GS Shop and Gobi Partners overseeing SEA region. He also served as the CEO of Smilegate SEA, the subsidiary of Korean game company Smilegate. During his time at Kionix as Country Manager, he introduced MEMS technology to Korea and successfully led the acquisition of Rohm. Justin began his career as a software engineer at Serome Technology, which developed a VoIP service called Dialpad. He has strong business operation skills with professional background in investment. He earned his degree in Mathematics from SUNY Binghamton.

Co-Founder — Richard Yoon

Richard Yoon is an entrepreneur with deep expertise in Finance, M&A and Operations. As a pioneer, he worked a great deal to introduce the blockchain technology to enterprises in Korea. He began his career as a department lead of Finance, M&A and Operations at Exio Communications Inc. Under his lead, Exio Communications Inc. was successfully acquired by Cisco Systems Inc. at $165 million in 2000. Then he went on to work for Cisco Systems, Inc. and Mobile Agent Technology, Inc. as a Finance and Business Development Specialist. Prior to co-founding Coinplug and Metadium, he established Conaxtech, Inc., a satellite receiver company. He studied Economics at University of California, Berkeley.

CTO — Jeffrey Song

Dr. Jeffrey Song is the Chief Technology Officer of Metadium and the Chief Security Officer of Coinplug Inc., a prominent blockchain research and development company in Korea. He has designed and developed various cryptocurrency-based systems, including payment, authentication, and notary services. He also has more than 80 patents in relation to blockchain technologies. He is a renowned blockchain expert and has considerable in-depth knowledge in public and private blockchain sectors. He holds a Ph.D. in Electrical and Computer Engineering from the University of British Columbia.

CSO — Songyi Lee

Songyi currently serves as the Chief Strategy Officer of Metadium. As an early adapting entrepreneur with passion for social impact and innovation, Songyi is a strong advocate of the use of blockchain to disrupt the status quo. Prior to Metadium, Songyi had co-founded 37coins, a Silicon Valley startup empowering the world’s unbanked population by providing access to Bitcoin through a decentralized SMS network. She is also a founder of Zentrepreneurs, a mindfulness education for entrepreneurs and businesses to increase productivity and quality of life through modern consciousness training.

For those of you who haven’t seen it yet, watch this video to get a quick tour around our office, and meet our team members! (Although it’s in Korean, we think you’ll still get a better understanding of our team and our workspace.)

Thank you for your continued support of our project, and in our next post, we will be introducing our advisors. Stay tuned!

Love, Team Metadium