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Medium joined in EMC(Energy Mobility Cluster) Consortium

The first blockchain technology use case into eco-friendly electric car energy ecosystem

Metadium joined the EMC consortium with technology partner Coinplug and three more specialized companies in each field. They are all in MYKEEPiN Alliance (DID alliance operated by Coinplug) and this news will be one of representative business projects. There are introductions of each company and assigned roles in this project as below.


A manufacturer specializing in EV mobility, which manufactures eco-friendly ultra-small electric vehicles ‘MAIV’. They promoted various projects including Gangneung Smart City Challenge project, Hadong-gun smart tourism city, and many kinds of related technology-based vehicle rental business.


​​DRIMAES develops solutions which can give authentic experience in the mobility area. Since existing cars have evolved into smart cars, IVI(In-Vehicle Infotainment) has become an essential part of in-vehicle experiences. DRIMAES efforts to provide authentic experiences to users through connection between IVI and everything. Through this project, they provide development and services in the entire vertical area from energy charging facilities to mass-produced electric vehicles to blockchain network communication.


It is a clean energy company that solves the energy concerns of about 1,000 industrial customers through data-based clean energy services and leads the new energy industry. They recently launched smart charger ‘dotori’, and plans to build a smart charging infrastructure and support connectivity to energy services.

Coinplug and Metadium

They have developed many eco-friendly projects such as blockchain-based Renewable Energy Certificate (REC) transaction platform and wind power operational security solution for KOSPO. And they applied the DID technology to the order/delivery O2O project recently, through that it will support the integration of DID into electric vehicles and charging infrastructure.

Through this project, Metadium will use DID technology to solve the problems of identification/ authentication issues related to people and devices. And will cooperate with coinplug for point charging/ payment based FT utility token technology and coupon/voucher usage with NFT technology in the worldwide business.

Blockchain DID technology can solve various issues related to privacy information such as sensitive inter-country data transmission, facial recognition data and so on. We hope to make more synergy through previous projects that have been done with coinplug in this project.

Please look forward to more activities of the EMC consortium.

If you have any questions then please do not hesitate, feel free to contact us.

Metadium team



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