Metadium Announces Logo Rebranding

Dear beloved Metadians,

We are delighted and proud to announce our new logo as a part of an extensive rebranding initiative. The initiative includes not only a new logo, but also a new website, colors, and font, which we believe better matches our identity as a blockchain platform that strives to create a free world through self-sovereign identity.

The rebranding also aims to communicate the growth of Metadium and the progress in development which signifies a new stage for the company in anticipation of the mainnet launch which will take place at the end of February.


True to our vision, the new logo shows the connection that the company is creating between blocks of personal information that are scattered across different domains to form true self-sovereign identity.

Color Palette

New brand colors complement the bold vision of the company and strike with character and creativity.


The new website will offer a dynamic and seamless design, easy to use navigation and will be optimised for either desktop, mobile or tablet. The website will includes developer and resources centers, among other useful content. Access to essential information about project, application, and team will be intuitive and quick.


The Metadium typeface for print and web applications is the Work Sans and Roboto. We chose a font that exudes a modern, chic, and young feel.

We hope you like this new look of Metadium, and we appreciate your continued support.

The new website will be launched in the beginning of February, so please keep on the look out for more updates on our rebranding.


Team Metadium