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Metadium Bimonthly Report — JULY & AUGUST

Dear Community,

We bring you Metadium’s Bimonthly Report for July & August:


Metadium partnered with D’CENT, a crypto wallet provider, in order to provide META in a wider range of wallets.

With D’CENT Wallet, users will be able to manage Metadium’s native digital asset, META, using biometrics technology. Users will also be able to add and admin other MRC-20 tokens, like XTL. MRC-20 tokens are based on the metadium blockchain and are compatible with ERC-20.

[In the Media]

1. Coinplug started a digital asset custody business with Woori Bank, a major Korean bank. This new service will be based on the Metadium blockchain.

Coinplug and Woori Bank established a joint venture to establish a digital asset custody named DiCustody. Coinplug will be DiCustody’s largest shareholder, followed by Woori Bank.

The new service will be developed on top of Metadium blockchain.

Metadium-related news were released in the Korean media. Here are some of the articles with a brief explanation in English:

2. Metadium was used by Rep. Lee Kwang-jae of the Democratic Party, price is also recovering.

The Korean representative announeced he would issue a donation receipt with a metadium-based NFT, as well as using the blockchain to get the public’s evaluation of his policies. His announcement has helped the price of META to increase.

3. Metadium-based NFT issuing and trading platform

Coinplug, Metadium’s partner, launched a new service: METAPiE.

METAPiE is a metadium-based NFT issuing and trading platform focused on creators. In just one month since its beta version launch it has listed over 40 NFTs and sold 70% of them.

We thank for your continuous support.


Metadium Team



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Metadium powers identification, authentication and crypto transaction management, providing AML compliance and risk management solutions.