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Metadium Bimonthly Report — March & April 2021

Dear Community,

We bring you Metadium’s Bimonthly Report for March and April. Our team will continue to publish this kind of reports moving forward.

[Main Announcements]

1. A decentralized exchange (DEX), built on the Metadium public blockchain, will provide swap services to improve THEPOL users’ payment experience.

Metadium plans to provide the swap service to improve the payment function in THEPOL app, which currently only manages META. With this upgrade, users will be able to make in-app payments with more options than before. The swap service will be provided starting on June 1st.

2. Metadium announced a new NFT platform: METApie

METAPIE is Coinplug’s new platform that will support NFT issuance and P2P transactions through a marketplace based on the Metadium blockchain. The new platform will work with two other Coinplug services for DID identification and authentication: MYKEEPiN and THEPOL.

3. Metadium-based DID authentication is providing simple login to Galaxia Monytree’s 2.1 milion users.

MYKEEPiN, Metadium-based identification and authentication service, will be used to offer a simple login to Moneytree users. Moneytree app is Galaxia Moneytree’s digital asset exchange platform.

[In the Media]

Metadium got covered in the domestic media. Here are some of the articles with a brief explanation in English:

1. Coinplug got the first grade of Metadium’s Blockchain-based TES solution GS certification

Coinplug’s TES solution, a Trust Evaluation System, can be used for various assestments in public institutions, local governments, private companies, universities, etc. Coinplug’s TES solution uses Metadium DID technology.

2. Movie theaters check the youth ID cards on their cell phones

Coinplug’s mobile youth age verification service has passed the ICT regulation sandbox active administration screening. Coinplug is Metadium’s technical partner.

3. Metadium has skyrocketed, but it won’t collapse

According to the Korean IT media, the “rosy view” of Metadium’s increasing price is mainly due to its solid blockchain technology that has been developed for a long period of time. The journalist also listed many actual services as a result of the solid blockchain technology.

4. Mobile Driver’s license is available thorough MYKEEPiN

Mobile driver’s license verification service using MYKEEPiN has passed the ICT regulatory sandbox. MYKEEPiN is based on Metadium.

We thank for your continuous support.


Metadium Team



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