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Metadium Bimonthly Report — May & June 2021

Dear Community,

We bring you Metadium’s Bimonthly Report for May and June:

[Main Announcements]

1. META Circulating Supply

Metadium announced in May that the information in CoinMarketCap didn’t reflect the updated META circulating supply:

2. Regarding the Korean exchanges warning announcement

We’ve seen a lot of concerns from the community about the Korean exchanges warning announcement but we would like to inform you that Metadium is not a “warning issued project”.

[In the Media]

1. Democratic Party Lee Kwang-jae will use Metadium-based THEPOL to evaluate policies.

Rep. Lee Kwang-jae, one of the Democratic Party’s presidential candidates, announced on the 27th that he would use Coinplug’s blockchain technology to evaluate policies ahead of the preliminary election in early July.

Image from:

Metadium-related news were released in the Korean media. Here are some of the articles with a brief explanation in English:

2. Metadium Blockchain-based transportation services in Korea’s second largest city

Metadium’s technology partner, Coinplug, announced that it will participate in the “DID-based mobile transportation card” project promoted by KISA and the Ministry of Science and ICT. This project will be integrated into B PASS: the Busan designated identification based on Metadium blocckhain.

3. Metadium blockchain-based non-face-to-face recognition payment platform.

MYKEEPiN, a Metadium-based DID service, will participate in the blockchain pilot project 2021 called “Non-face-to-face facial recognition payment platform”.

[Roadmap Update]

1. Enhancement of THEPOL (NFT)

THEPOL developed a new function: NFTs

● NFT Issue (Smart Contract) / Payment System

● Products purchased in stores with NFT

● Develop a beta version of “LottoPol” — randomly paying NFT to users who achieve certain conditions

THEPOL team is expanding from a survey service to a “marketing platform” with multiple partners. The NFT paid by THEPOL will also be traded through “METAPiE”, which will be launched in a couple of weeks.

2. Metadium-based NFT platform: METAPiE

Metadium-based NFT platform, METAPiE, will officially launch in July!

After the announcement in March, Metadium team has been busy developing the new NFT platform, ensuring the best quality for this new service. We are happy to inform you that METAPiE will be live on July 20th. Look forward to creating NFTs while protecting your identity with DID.

3. Upgrade Metadium Explorer

< NFT-enabled Open API Development >

Get MRC721 Token List for a single address

Get MRC721 Token Inventory of a specific MRC721 contract

Get non-zero balance MRC721 Contract List for a single address

Get a list of “MRC721 — Token Transfer Events” by user address

< Add NFT Support UI >

Transfer tab

Holder tab

Inventory tab

You can check the development in the link below, starting in mid July:

4. Berlin hard fork

Details of the Metadium Berlin hard fork and London fork:


geth v1.10.4 baseline code update operation

Apply TestNet in early July

Apply mainnet during Q3


Berlin Fork EIPs
EIP-2929: gas cost increases for state access opcodes

EIP-2315: simple subroutines for the EVM

EIP-2565: modexp precompile gas cost changes

EIP-2718: typed transaction envelope

EIP-2930: access list transactions

London Fork EIPs
EIP-1559: Fee market change for ETH 1.0 chain (inactive)

EIP-3529: Reduction in refunds

EIP-3541: Reject new contracts starting with the 0xEF byte

EIP-3554: Difficulty Bomb Delay to December 1st 2021 (inactive)

* The schedule for London and Berlin hard forks are dependent of Ethereum’s updates, hence, they are subjet to change.

We thank for your continuous support.


Metadium Team



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