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Metadium Explorer: NFT Feature Support Upgrade

Hello Metadium community,

We successfully completed an update in the Metadium blockchain for NFT functional support in July. Our platform is currently supporting METAPiE, an NFT marketplace. METAPiE is providing services in its beta version but will officially launch in December of this year.

The details of the development are as follows:

  • NFT-enabled Open API development
  • Get MRC721 Token List for a single address
  • Get MRC721 Token Inventory of a specific MRC721 contract
  • Get non-zero balance MRC721 Contract List for a single address
  • Get a list of "MRC721 - Token Transfer Events" by user address
  • Add NFT support UI.
  • Transfer tab
  • Holder tab
  • Inventory tab

Thank you,

Metadium Team



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