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Metadium Half-Year Progress Report: Taking a look back

Dear Metadians,

We’re well into the second half of 2019. Our team took a look at the past eight months to evaluate what we have achieved and in which areas we must improve on to continue our effort to become a leader in bringing decentralized identity (DID) to the real world, and finally bringing the power to manage your identity back to yourself.

Since the very beginning, Metadium has been on a mission to return the data ownership to its rightful owners. Your data is what makes your digital identity and, by extension, you. Our team fully recognizes the importance of one’s identity as it is at the heart of every service and product produced nowadays. The growing number of companies who are entering the blockchain identity management market is the proof that the problem Metadium aims to tackle is dire and its resolution will benefit millions and beyond. Despite the change is slow, our team is confident that we will and can deliver this to the mass public; and we are seeing many signs in the industry and market for such movement. We truly appreciate your support and interest in this great mission. We really hope that we can journey on together until we finally see our vision to unfold in our real life.

Now let’s review the happenings of the first half of 2019.


The core of all businesses lie on strong product backed by solid technology. Past eight months, our team’s foremost focus has been designing and developing product architecture and infrastructure of Metadium’s DID system. Actually, we over-achieved our milestones and very close to the completion of a fully functional and highly advanced DID system and solution. Here are some of the major milestones we achieved.

Fundamentals of Metadium DID system for your reminder

February 2019 — Keepin v 1.0

To give an access point to the mainnet after its launch and to streamline the token swap process for users, Metadium released Keepin v 1.0 on February 15 with the secure wallet feature available which can receive META and register other wallets holding META.

March 2019 — Mainnet Launch

On March 20, the Metadium Mainnet was launched three months ahead of the planned schedule. Despite the past year’s bear market, our team made sure to deliver on our promises. Some of the features of our mainnet include:

  • Metadium client, gmet, is the command line interface for running a full Metadium node implemented in Go being forked from Ethereum, geth, source code.
  • Metadium consensus mechanism: Stake-based Proof of Authority (PoA) with Raft leader selection algorithm up and running at authority nodes.
  • Deployment on real network environment, running on 9 authority nodes deployed worldwide.
  • A blockchain explorer (Mainnet and Testnet) to display addresses, transactions, and blocks. Metadium block explorer supports smart contract verification and read functions.
  • Without installing Metadium client, gmet, users can reach out to Metadium blockchain via public Open API service (Mainnet and Testnet) around JSON RPC over both HTTPS and WebSockets.

March 2019 — Keepin v 1.1

Following upon the first release of Keepin that highlights a secure wallet function, after the stabilization of the mainnet, Metadium enabled the “Send” function to allow META coin holders to both send and receive META.

May 2019 — Keepin v1.2

In the latest version of Keepin we added the Meta ID feature, and by doing so it achieved its original purpose of being a gateway that protects your personal information and supports your sovereignty. The purpose of the Meta ID is to authenticate your identity while selectively sharing only necessary information. Right now, service providers can easily implement secure and reliable authentication system for their services with Meta ID whereas users can experience highly secure PKI-based authentication that outperforms ID/PW + 2 Factor Authentication with a simple biometric or PIN authentication.


April, 2019 — Decentralized Identity Foundation (DIF)

Metadium joined the DIF, an organization focused on developing the foundational elements necessary to establish an open ecosystem for decentralized identity and ensure interop between all participants. Companies like Microsoft, IBM, Sovrin, and Civic are members of DIF. It is not a surprise that we, as a company, put a big emphasis on security and safe management of personal data. To further research and develop the future standards that will apply to the protection of our identity, we joined the Decentralized Identity Foundation along with other major industry innovators.

March, 2019 — Partnership with Unity Technologies

To lead decentralized identity management in game sector, we chose to partner with the most influential game developer community and real-time 3D (RT3D) development platform in the world, Unity Technologies. As a part of our partnership with Unity, we will be presenting Meta ID Software Development Kit (SDK) on Unity Asset Store in the near future. Millions of game developers will be able to implement Meta ID to provide decentralized virtual identity to their users.

Business Development by Coinplug

We have decided to partner with Coinplug in order to lead mass adoption of Metadium’s DID system to public sector and enterprise level business ecosystem. Coinplug, being a leader in blockchain adoption in enterprise level companies and organizations, has successfully acquired and are currently working in the projects, which may establish the foundation for DID’s mass adoption. The most of its projects will include the use of DID architecture and infrastructure developed by Metadium team.

  • College Certification Project with Korea Internet & Security Agency (KISA) and SK telecom consortium
  • DID-based internal mobile pay with Korea Post Center
  • DID-based scammer/phishing prevention service with Institute of Information & Communications Technology Planning & Evaluation (IITP)
  • DID-based public security service and mydata market with Busan Blockchain De-regulatory Zone

Coinplug, as our regional business development partner, is continuing its effort to bring blockchain to real world applications, using solutions provided by Metadium team. Though we cannot disclose the details due to non-disclosure agreement with Coinplug, we can promise you that successes from Coinplug’s businesses using Metadium’s DID system will return to Metadium communities’ benefits.

Business Partnerships

Metadium has been developing many different partnerships to establish a solid foundation to deploy DID system when the core product is ready. We will announce our partnership development strategy and our vision for our DID ecosystem with the current progress in the following post on the future plans. But for your reminder, please note the partnership is still only the beginning of what we are trying to achieve. The fruit of the partnership will require endless improvements on the product and efforts to work with the partners.


February, 2019 — META Token listed on Upbit and Bittrex International

On February 20th, right before the mainnet launch, META got listed on major international exchanges — Upbit and Bittrex International which was another step towards expanding our presence in international communities.

May, 2019 — Metadium Ambassador Program (MAP)

Another initiative that we took in the first half of 2019 was Metadium Ambassador Program (MAP) that ran in multiple stages and had over 400 subscribers. Creators and Storytellers teams were active and challenged with various quests. The goal for this program was to create a vibrant and active community of professionals, creatives and enthusiasts who push the boundaries and constantly innovate.

Metadium team attended lots of events like…

TMI meetup, Ethcon 2019, Fintech Belgium, Consensus 2019, KuCoin Blockchain Day, and Pocket Gamer Connects among others.

Again, we’d like to express our sincerest gratitude for your support and trust in our business. Innovation takes time, but we are strong and experienced team to finish this race with success.

In our next post, we will share our plans for upcoming months and details of the projects we’re working on.

Please stay tuned.


Team Metadium

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