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Hello dear Metadians!

We bring you news for the second half of July! This post will be covering from July 27 to August 9.

[Events and Updates]

Metadium, a DID mentor

Metadium is compromised with the technical development and social awareness of Decentralized Identifiers (DID). That’s why Metadium is actively participating in congresses and other kinds of events. This post shares insights of Metadium’s recent support to Decenter University.

MAP: Storytellers Team Winners

Winners of Storyteller team have been announced on August 2. All the quests of the Storytellers Team will stay open so you can submit your work and continue earning points for fun.

MAP: What’s Next?

Want to know what’s the future of Metadium Ambassador Program? Check out this post for the details.


ID Hub: the easy guide

Our educational series on self sovereign and decentralized identities provide an easy guide for anyone who wants to learn about blockchain. The fifth and last post of this series was about ID Hub. Learn about the concept of ID Hubs, the solution to safely store your personal data and information.


Coinplug, our technical partner, will be in charge of the public safety development in the Busan Regulation-Free Zone. Metadium’s technology will be implemented to develop the solutions.


Team Metadium

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We give ownership of your data back to you


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We give ownership of your data back to you

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