[Metadium News]: December, Weeks 1–2

Hello beloved Metadium community members,

Metadium News is back to deliver news and updates from the past two weeks! Today, we will be reporting the happenings during the first and second weeks of December.

[Events and Updates]

  1. Startup Weekend Seoul: Blockchain Hackathon (11/30–12/2)

“Startup Weekend Seoul: Blockchain Hackathon” was held last week with Metadium as the main sponsor. The event lasted for 54 hours, and provided opportunities for future entrepreneurs entering the blockchain industry.

2. Winner Announcement of ABCC Trading and Deposit Event (12/4)

The winners of both ABCC Trading Volume Event and Deposit Event have been announced! Congratulations to all the winners and we thank you all for your participation.

3. Minerva Civic Project Final Presentation (12/13)

The final presentation for the Minerva Civic Project was delivered on December 13 at the Metadium office! For three months, these brilliant students have dedicated much time and effort to shed light on new areas that could be implemented in Metadium’s platform and service.

4. Metadium’s Technology Partner Coinplug rewarded by the Korean Ministry of Science and ICT (11/27)

Coinplug, a technology partner of Metadium, is recognized as a Leading Blockchain Institution by the Korean Minister of Science and ICT! Metadium and Coinplug will together continue to contribute to the advancement of the blockchain technology. Article Link

4. New Stories on Medium

1) What Would Your Day Look Like with Meta ID in Your Pocket? (11/30)

Metadium aims to actualize the concept of “Self-Sovereign Identity” (SSI) as a solution to the inefficiencies of current identity models. But, how exactly does SSI solve the issues of previous identity models? What would using the SSI in our day-to-day lives look like? Click on the link to find out more!

2) How Can Metadium Help Protect Our Personal Information? (12/4)

Read how Self-Sovereign Identity modules can solve the problems of current digital ID models here.


1. ZDNet Korea: Metadium’s CEO Justin Park forecasted that “ID platforms will become the first example of blockchain popularization” through an interview with ZDNet Korea. Link

2. D.Desk : Metadium’s CSO Songyi Lee was invited to join D.Desk’s Weekly Issue Live. Please watch the video if you are interested in Songyi’s journey with blockchain, and her perspectives of the industry! how Songyi got involved in the blokchain industry Link

Thank you for your continued support of our project, and we can’t wait to provide you with more exciting news into the future!


Team Metadium