[Metadium News]: February, Weeks 1–2

Hello beloved Metadium community members,

Metadium News is back to deliver news and updates from the past two weeks! Today, we will be reporting the happenings between the first two weeks of February.

[Events and Updates]

1. Metadium X Coinsuper Lunar New Year Event

In order to celebrate the Lunar New Year, Coinsuper and Metadium held a festive event where a total of 2.4 million tokens in the form of red envelope were given to participants! link

2. Metadium Mainnet Timeline

We’re thrilled to inform the community that Metadium’s Mainnet will officially launch on February 28, 2019 — four months ahead of schedule! Click the link to see our schedule that contains important information and details of the token swap process.

3. What Are Current Problems Facing Identity?

“Prior to creating a true decentralized economy, in a digital world, the individual has to have an advanced personality-representation in the digital world.” Our CEO Justin Park explains Metadium’s vision to create a decentralized digital economy through SSI.

4. How Does Metadium Utilize Blockchain Technology?

Our CTO Jeffrey Song talks about how Metadium utilizes blockchain. “Metadium is using blockchain as a decentralized storage of value.”

5. Telegram AMA with Jeffrey

We had our Telegram AMA with CTO Jeffrey Song on February 7! He answered many technical questions regarding Metadium and more. Did you miss our AMA? No worries. We’ll be uploading a transcript of important questions and answers soon. Give us a follow and don’t miss out on important announcements!

[New Stories on Medium]

1. Self-Sovereign Identity Principle #2: Control

We’ve covered Self-Sovereign Identity and first principle of SSI in our previous blog posts. This article covers the second guiding principle of Christopher Allen’s Ten SSI Principles — control.

2. Self-Sovereign Identity Principle #3: Access

The third guiding principle of Christopher Allen’s Ten SSI Principles is access. Users must be able to access their own data and any associated claims without the interference of gatekeepers or intermediaries. We will continue covering the principles of SSI. Make sure to follow us on Medium to get the latest updates.


Team Metadium