[Metadium News]: February Weeks 3–4

Hello beloved Metadium community members,

Metadium News is back to deliver news and updates from the past two weeks! Today, we will be reporting the happenings of the third and fourth weeks of February.

[Events and Updates]

1. Metadium Launches New Website

As a part of an extensive rebranding initiative we have launched our brand new website! Make sure to check it out.

2. Quiz Winner Announcement

Metadium announced the winners of Metadium’s Website Quiz Event. Over 1400 people took part in testing their knowledge. More events are coming so stay tuned. If you want to test yourself, here is the quiz.

3. Keepin App by Metadium is Here for Mainnet Token Swap

We released our native mobile application Keepin, which is now available for download. In order for a streamlined transition to the mainnet launch, we encourage users to download the Keepin application on their mobile devices.

4. Metadium Listing Announcement: Bittrex International

We are pleased to announce Metadium’s listing on Bittrex International! As of February 20th, 2019, 4:00:00 KST, Metadium (META) will be available to trade on the exchange.

5. Metadium Listing Announcement: Upbit

We are pleased to announce Metadium’s listing on Upbit! As of February 20th, 2019 Metadium (META) will be available to trade on the exchange.

[New Stories on Medium]

Self-Sovereign Identity Principle #4: Transparency

In the fourth article in the Self-Sovereign Identity Principles series we cover transparency. Read the whole series here.

Telegram AMA Recap with CTO Jeffrey Song

Metadium Telegram community engaged with CTO Jeffrey Song in real time. A multitude of questions popped up during the hour-long session; here is a recap of some of the biggest announcements.


Team Metadium

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