[Metadium News]: January, Weeks 1–2

Hello beloved Metadium community members,

Metadium News is back to deliver news and updates from the past two weeks! Today, we will be reporting the happenings during the first and second weeks of January.

[Events and Updates]

  1. Give Our App a Name Contest Winner Announcement (Dec. 17th-23rd)

We announced the winners for the App naming contest! Thank you for all your participation and congratulations to the winners. If you want to see the winner list, click here.

2. GameXCoin GXC Block Producers

Metadium is selected as one of the Block Producers for GameXCoin GXC Mainnet! GameXCoin is a blockchain project for games that create the ecosystem of connecting game and real life with blockchain to solve the dilemma of gamers and developers. link

3. Metadium “TMI” Meetup (Jan. 24th)

Metadium is holding a meetup on January 24th at D.Camp! We would like to discuss the meaning of “Self-Sovereign Identity” in our lives. We introduce SSI as a value that will help you protect your rights and identity in today’s digitized world. Please join us and share your insights!

[New Stories on Medium]

  1. Introduction to Self-Sovereign Identity and Its 10 Guiding Principles (1/10)

To start this year right, we are kicking off a series of educational blog posts as well as events that will raise awareness about the concept of self-sovereign identity! Since Metadium is an identity protocol built on the blockchain, learning about this concept along with its guiding principles will help you gain a deeper understanding of Metadium and our mission of creating a free world through self-sovereign identity.

Thank you for your continued support of our project, and we can’t wait to provide you with more exciting news in the future!


Team Metadium