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Hello dear Metadians!

Metadium News is back to update you on the excitements of the past two weeks! This post will be covering from June 29 to July 12.

[Events and Updates]

We Updated our Roadmap!

We are happy to present the new map for our upcoming journey together! Take a look at what the future of Metadium holds.

MAP Quests are Running

The MAP Storytellers Team has opened its first admissions as the Creators Team proceeds with Stage 2. Both have challenging quests that may be of your interest! Check out the MAP website to become our proud ambassador and also get rewarded.

Seminar : DID for DE-FI

At D-Center University’s Open Class on ‘Looking at DE-FI Services,’ our director of business development made a presentation on DID for DE-FI. He discussed how decentralized identifiers can solve many problems in traditional services.

The presentation was conducted in Korean.


Educational Series is Out!

For those who are unfamiliar with, or need a recap on blockchain, we are here for you. Through our current series of easy and basic blockchain concepts, you can become an expert in no time! Check out the first three articles and follow us every Thursday for new ones.


These past weeks we got covered in the Korean media. If you are Korean, or read Korean, please visit our brunch site.


Team Metadium

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We give ownership of your data back to you


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Creating a free world through self-sovereign identity.



We give ownership of your data back to you

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