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[Metadium News]: October, Week 1–2

Hello beloved Metadium community members,

We have decided to institute these bi-weekly updates as a means to keep our community members up to date with the news and developments within the project. This week, we will be reporting the happenings during the first two weeks of October.

[Events and Updates]

  1. Coinsuper and KuCoin Listing (10/10)

Metadium’s token META has been listed on both Coinsuper and KuCoin as of October 10! More information about the listing can be found here.

2. KuCoin Trading Competition (10/10–17)

A trading competition was held at KuCoin between Oct. 10–17 where the top 500 accounts with the highest trading amount of META (buys + sells) got to share a total of 6BTC+1,412,000META as rewards.

3. Europe Business Trip (September -10/4)

Members who were on a business trip to Europe last month have finally returned! The team participated in the Berlin Blockchain Week (9/5–11) to learn more about the European market and to discover other projects related to blockchain and identity. It was overall a fruitful experience that taught the team new insights about the identity industry, and strengthened their commitment to make a better identity solution ecosystem.

4. San Francisco Blockchain Week (10/5–12)

Team Metadium participated in the San Francisco Blockchain Week between October 5–12. It was a great opportunity for the team to network with blockchain projects from all over the world, and to meet up with our major partners! The team also participated in various sessions to learn more about the newest trends in blockchain industry. We also have some very exciting news so keep an eye out!

5. World Knowledge Forum (10/12)

Metadium’s CEO Justin Park attended the 19th World Knowledge Forum to engage in an interesting discussion titled the “Evolution of Crypto Currency as a New Asset Class”.

6. New Story on Medium (10/17)

A new story (“Do You Really Think You Own Your Identity? Crumbling Walls and the Argument for Self-sovereignty”) has been published on our Medium page! Please have a look and let us know what you think in the comments- and give us claps if you dig it.


  1. Patent Information News: Metadium’s technology partner, Coinplug, ranks the first in number of blockchain technology patents in the last 10 years. 👉🏻Link
  2. The B Chain: Our CTO Jeffrey Song was interviewed by The B Chain to explain Metadium as a new blokchain identity platform. 👉🏻Link

By the way, our Testnet v0.1 Kalmia is up and running! All the developers out there, please come and try; your feedback would mean a lot to us. :)

Thank you for your continued support of our project, and we can’t wait to provide you with more exciting news into the future!


Team Metadium



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Metadium powers identification, authentication and crypto transaction management, providing AML compliance and risk management solutions.