Metadium will be implemented in solutions for Korean educational institutions

Dear Metadians,

Coinplug, our technical partner has been busier than usual this first half of 2019. As we mentioned in our previous post, Coinplug was selected by government-backed institutions to participate in projects of R&D, public and private sectors.

Metadium technology will be implemented in order to develop most of these projects and we would like to give you a short explanation on how they can impact the society. KISA (Korean Internet & Security Agency), with the support of the Ministry of Science and ICT, appointed Coinplug with two projects in the private and public sectors. In this post we will discuss the project related to the private sector.

How much do you spend looking for a job?

Every job seeker knows how long and stressful the process is: sending multiple resumes, receiving cold emails and rejections, face to face interviews and tests. And, of course, you need to verify all the documents you are submitting like your diploma, transcripts and other certificates.

According to The BChain, in 2017, in South Korea alone, 48% of job seekers sent at least one electronic certificate to one company. This amounted to 7,300,000 won in service fees. Besides money, we need to consider the time spent and the negative environmental impact (energy consumed, paper wasted, etc.) this process causes.

The solution

Coinplug, as part of a consortium formed by the leading South Korean telecommunication company and other major companies in the finance and media industries, will tackle the above issue. The objective of this project is to develop a platform that creates, manages and exchanges certificates of graduation, starting with 3 educational institutions this year and with the intention to add 7 more next year.

Metadium blockchain will be used to develop said platform and prevent forged or falsified certificates.



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