Metadium will be used to launch a Smart Tourism Platform with Seoul Metro

Dear Metadians,

We are happy to announce Coinplug, our technical partner, signed an MOU with Seoul Metro, the South Korean capital’s main railway operator, and WeHome, a shared accommodation activator, to develop Seoul Metro Stay, a smart tourism platform.

Seoul Metro Stay aims to provide a better service to the millions of tourists who take the subway by combining various transportation services and quality accommodations near the subway stations. Seoul Metro Stay will use technologies like MaaS (mobility as a service), IoT, and blockchain to combine different tourist and facility services and create added value.

Based on the characteristics of the districts around the subway stations, Seoul Metro Stay will provide tourists with a list of recommended accommodations, restaurants and other facilities to provide a better experience. For example, a business and stylish concept for Gangnam station, a music and artistic concept for Hongdae station and Korean traditional housing for Anguk station. Cool right?

WeHome CEO SanKu Jo, Seoul Metro CEO Kim Tae Ho, and Coinplug CEO Ryan Uhr

How is Metadium involved?

Coinplug will provide the technology throught Metadium. With the use of Meta ID SDK, Seoul Metro Stay will be able to not only protect and authenticate all the members of the ecosystem but also to provide a safe and trusted payment method to everyone involved. With Meta ID, users will be able to access all the services of the ecosystem without having to risk personal data and with the confidence of using trusted service providers.

What’s next?

Seoul Metro Stay will launch its test version this upcoming June with five subway stations and plans to extend to all stations in the Seoul area. This project is expected to create a social impact by incrementing tourism, creating jobs and activating the shared economy.



Seoul Metro Stay is the most recent from the list of projects Coinplug has signed this year, including the ones appointed by Korean government-backed institutions.

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