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So, What Exactly Is Metadium?

Hello Metadians!

We would like to begin this post by thanking you for coming along with us in on our journey to become the next generation identity project. Most of you may know that our project aims to realize self-sovereign identity via blockchain technology, and thus create an identity ecosystem for the new era. However, we have realized that since our project aims to cover such a wide array of issues, it could be slightly difficult to understand how exactly we’re planning to achieve this. In order to relieve your confusions and misunderstandings about our project, we have prepared this post to help you get a clearer scope of Metadium.

For those of you who want a more technical, detailed explanation of our project, please have a look at the technology FAQ on our website.

First, the goal of the Metadium project is to create a next-generation identity ecosystem powered by a public ID blockchain platform. In this ecosystem, everyone has the control over their own identity and personal information, which is pretty exciting. In pursuit of this ambitious goal, Metadium envisions an ecosystem that incorporates a three-tier structure composed of a platform, protocol, and a service.

1. Platform

The core of the Metadium project is the Metadium public ID blockchain platform. A public blockchain refers to a blockchain that allows anyone to participate and share the information on the network.

What distinguishes the Metadium blockchain from other platforms such as Bitcoin and Ethereum is the fact that Metadium is an “ID blockchain”. In an ID blockchain, the owner of the personal information can directly create, manage, and control his or her data, and store all records of personal information usage on a blockchain. This platform is the key to building a Metadium ecosystem by serving as the foundation for all other Metadium systems.

If we were to compare the Metadium blockchain to something more easy to understand, it would correspond to the operating system of Microsoft Windows installed on your PC. Without Microsoft Windows, your computer would be completely useless; all you can probably do is stare at the black screen. Similarly, without the Metadium blockchain, the Metadium project would have no function nor purpose.

*Metadium’s testnet Kalmia is currently an all-purpose blockchain, and the ID infrastructure will be supported in Q2 of 2019.

2. Protocol

A protocol refers to a set of rules for your computer to communicate with other computers or the Internet. Metadium is currently in the process of developing a “Meta ID” protocol. This protocol will be used to develop services which we will talk about in number 3.

Going back to our previous example, the Meta ID protocol can be compared to the “http” or “https” of Window, which you’ve probably been using everyday. Just as you need to follow the rules starting with “http://” in order to access a certain website (example:, you have to heed to certain rules of the Meta ID protocol when developing the app in order to use the ID information stored in the Metadium blockchain.

3. Service

The highlight of the Metadium project is our service. It’s probably the easiest stage to understand, since we all use services on a daily basis. We will be launching our service in the form of a mobile application in the near future, so please stay tuned! In addition to our service, other applications and services can be built on Metadium if it uses the Meta ID protocol.

In terms of Microsoft Windows, the Metadium service is similar to web browsers that support http or https such as Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, and Safari.

To put it in a nutshell,

Metadium project is an identity project composed of:

  1. a public blockchain ID platform
  2. a Meta ID protocol, and
  3. service application.

Our ultimate goal is to provide a next-generation identity ecosystem through our blockchain ID platform.

We hope we’ve cleared up your understanding about Metadium further.

If you have more questions about our project, please don’t hesitate to send us an email through or to contact us through our official telegram.

We greatly appreciate your continued support on Metadium, and see you soon in our next story!


Team Metadium



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