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Telegram AMA Recap with CTO Jeffrey Song

Last Thursday, the Metadium Telegram community engaged with CTO Jeffrey Song in real time. A multitude of questions popped up during the hour-long session; here is a recap of some of the biggest announcements, insights, and updates on the self-sovereign identity blockchain protocol.

Q: What might be two or three of the biggest updates/announcements you’d like to share with the community?

Jeffrey: Sure, there will be key achievements and milestones in the next couple of months.


1. Token Freeze (swap)

2. Mainnet Launching

3. First MVP of Meta ID

4. Tech paper release

Q: How do you guys pick which exchanges to use for the token swap will we find out about the Coinsuper announcement?

Jeffrey: Sorry for the inconvenience. We are still discussing with Coinsuper. It will be finalized and be announced at Coinsuper site.

Q: When?

Q: What is the first MVP of Meta ID gonna consist of?

Jeffrey: MetaID is ID service. Each user can create its own ID and store verified claims to the Metadium blockchain. It can be used to login and signup to some online services without ID and password.

Q: Hey Jeffrey, is the Keepin wallet only going to be available for iOS/Android? Some of the community members are asking if it’ll be available for the desktop as well.

Jeffrey: The reason for supporting only mobile version is due to the security level of managing private key. But we are considering HTML5 support for desktop. As you know, it is very critical to keep private key in safe.

Q: Jeffrey, do you think eventually we will have government issues IDs, social security cards, birth certificates, death certificates, and other official IDs move to Metadium?

Q: If META token holders forget to transfer their ERC-20 META tokens to the Keepin wallet or a supported exchange before the February 22nd lockup period, how would they go about resolving that issue?

Jeffrey: You can keep your Meta in supporting exchanges (e.g., Kucoin, Abcc). You can automatically get your Meta coin at the same address after finishing all migration process in exchange. It depends on the schedule of each exchange but will be available by Mar 15 at the latest. If you are managing your own private key, please keep it in safe. Even if you forget to transfer, you can download Keepin App (Metadium Wallet App) and import your private key to Keepin App. Then you can see your balance on your Keepin App at any time after Mainnet launch. So remember that your ownership will be based on your private key.

Q: Jeffrey, what resources and tools will Metadium provide to developers who want to build dApps on the mainnet when the mainnet launches?

Jeffrey: We are going to provide the following tools at the end of Feb 2019:

1. block explorer
2. metaID sdk
3. open API server

And there will be some demo dApp and manuals too.

Q: Hi Jeffrey, I was wondering what’s your previous experience in the blockchain space? What is your vision with Metadium 5–10 years down the line?

Jeffrey: Thanks for asking. I have been working as CSO(security) at Coinplug since 2014. I have developed many b2b blockchain ID service platform including KB card/ Hyundai Card.

For the second question, now it’s familiar to centralized services, including social logins, but in the next five years, it will seem natural to keep your personal information secure by yourself, not be trusted (?) third party. As more verifiable information accumulates in Metadium ecosystem, it is expected that various services (such as reputation) based on identity will be expanded beside with Metadium ecosystem

Q: What happens if someone gets their private key compromised? Is there any form of governance or recovery?

Metadium’s Mainnet will officially launch on February 28, 2019 — four months ahead of schedule! We will release a Keepin App (with wallet support) on February 15th to facilitate the token swap. Don’t miss it!


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