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What Would Your Day Look Like with Meta ID in Your Pocket?

Hi Metadians,

Metadium aims to actualize the concept of the “self-sovereign identity” (SSI) as a solution to the inefficiencies of current identity models discussed in our previous post “The Evolution of Identity and Metadium’s Role.” Simply put, SSI users would have complete ownership over all their personal details and consumer data while having the ability to exercise to the use of their identity with utmost security and efficiency.

But, how exactly does the SSI solves the issues of previous identity models? What would using the SSI in our day-to-day lives look like?

To see the SSI’s benefits and merits in action, let’s examine a few scenarios.

Scenario #1

Prove your age via Meta ID SSI profile

Let’s say that you wish to buy a beer from your local supermarket. If you left your driver’s license at home, the cashier would be legally prohibited from selling you alcohol even if you are clearly over 21 years of age and are a regular customer here.

Fix #1

Now, let’s assume you have your phone with the Meta ID app on you and this supermarket was part of the Metadium network. With your Meta ID SSI profile, all you would need to do is scan a QR code on the cashier screen, check-off the necessary attributes required by the service provider (in this case, age), and pay for the beer to “crack a cold one with the boys.”

Scenario #2

Travel with your Meta ID

Imagine you wish to travel to Sweden for vacation this December. Without a government-issued passport on you, you wouldn’t be able to set foot into Sweden, let alone leave a domestic airport.

Fix #2

Now, if you had this information and your ticket purchases stored securely and verified on a Meta ID profile, you would simply be able to scan a QR code at the partner airline’s check-in desk to verify your seat on the flight, select the necessary information to provide the airline (ex. name, address, nationality, etc), and maybe even get a discount if you have rewards from your collected mileage.

Scenario #3

Your Meta ID is always with you

Let’s take a step further, let’s assume that you made it to Sweden. However, you now lost your passport somewhere on your trip. Traditionally, you would now have to make an appointment to visit your embassy in-person, wait an uncertain amount of time (potentially extending your stay by an unforeseeable duration), bring other items of identification which you might lack (i.e. Driver’s License, Travel Itinerary), and pay a passport replacement fee — all costs to your time and money.

Fix #3

Thank the stars; you have your phone on you with the Meta ID SSI profile! So, instead of having to worry about losing your passport (which also happens to be one of the only sources of identity accepted for foreigners internationally), you can simply leave it at your Airbnb for emergencies while using your Meta ID for getting beers in Sweden and checking into your flight back home at the airport.

You can see why using the SSI is much more convenient than carrying around a document that your livelihood depends on which is prone to loss and damage (plus you’re more likely to care for your cell phone anyway).

It most certainly seems to subvert the need for physical identification transactions, but what about digital identification?

In our next post, we will discuss specific drawbacks of previous digital identity models and explore some major benefits and merits of Self-Sovereign Identity module.

As always, the team thanks all of you for your continued support in our project, and we look forward to providing you with exciting updates and our progress!



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