Update On Metadium Mainnet Launch

Dear Metadium community,

We’ve worked extremely hard the past few months to move up the date of our mainnet launch. After getting to a point where it is four months ahead of its scheduled release, we decided that it requires for a bit more time to ensure the stability and scalability of our platform. To deliver the best quality to you all, the launch of the mainnet is postponed to mid-March, 2019.

This time will be used to secure our platform even further, make our network compatible with other public blockchains and run additional tests. Our development team is focused on increasing reliability of the network right now. Multiple code audits are being conducted externally by an outside firm, and we are going through intensive testing through internal QA team.

We appreciate your understanding that we want to deliver the best possible start for the coming Metadium ecosystem. It is imperative that we develop a reliable platform to onboard real services and users.

Where We’ve Been & Where We’re Going

Metadium was born in early 2018. With the advent of blockchain came the vision to use decentralized technology to return identity autonomy back to the individual. The Self-Sovereign Identity model inspired us to work on a product that would enable individuals all over the world to have sole ownership over their identities. The undertaking of such a journey is no small task. It meant planning, organizing a team, and turning an idea into a living, breathing thing. It has not been easy. There have been hurdles and hiccups, successes and failures, but with each step we come closer to our goal. We believe in our vision and will continue working hard to bring it to reality.

Other Updates


Considering the change in the roadmap, the update for our native mobile application Keepin to activate the “Send” function will also be released with our mainnet which is planned on Mid-March, 2019.

Token Swap

We’ve received multiple enquiries regarding the token swap. Our team will release guidelines on how to swap your META tokens to META coins after the mainnet is launched and stable. The guidelines will address how to swap META for the following instances:

  • People who have META in their hardware wallets
  • People who have META in their wallet applications
  • People who have META in smart contracts
IMPORTANT: Your wallet or application must allow your private key to be extracted or you have to be able to fully control your private key. If you do not have full control of your private key, we won’t be able to assist you.

Once all the steps to ensure network stability are finalized, we will make additional official announcement.

Thank you for your continued support.


Team Metadium

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