Winner Announcement: April Telegram Engagement Campaign

Dear Metadium community,

Although many of you came close, this month no one was eligible for the engagement reward. So we decided that the karma points our community members earned during April can be added to May karma points to qualify for the reward at the end of May.

Don’t be discouraged, we just launched a new Ambassador Program for highly enthusiastic and involved members. You are more than welcome to join and help the Metadium ecosystem grow.

Just to remind you, here is how to qualify for the Telegram Engagement Campaign.


To earn rewards, users must fill out the Telegram Karma Google Form every week. Voting activity will be closely monitored from the backend of the database to ensure accuracy and fair play. If there is suspicious activity, admins will take necessary measures to restrict & disqualify certain users.

Reward system (April and May points combined):

10+ Reputation: $2 worth of META
20+ Reputation: $5 worth of META
30+ Reputation: $10 worth of META
40+ Reputation: $15 worth of META
50+ Reputation: $20 worth of META

Every month there could be only 10 winners so stay updated and continue actively engaging in our group. Community members who have the most number of karma points for April and May months combined will receive the prizes first.


Team Metadium

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