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Introducing the MetaDojo team — teamwork makes the dream work!

Putting a virtual Haka on to welcome you!

Over 100 years of commercial experience combined, we got a well seasoned team at the helm! At present, all of MetaDojo core team members are based in New Zealand, a beautiful and highly innovative nation. Each and every single one of us is a true believer in the Web 3.0 movement and has a long-term commitment to the project. There are 8 team members as of January 2022. We are originally from 5 different countries and speak 10 different languages among us.

Core Team

Echo | Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Echo holds a Masters in Marketing, has a wealth experience in corporate consulting, and has been the CEO of a global SaaS company before founding MetaDojo in 2021. She is passionate about the social impact the metaverse brings, particularly in the creator economy and wealth redistribution. Besides running tech companies, she is a proud mom of two digital-native children and a fur baby named Meta.

Allan | Co-Founder & CTO Game

Before joining MetaDojo, Allan had been working as a Senior Developer at since 2017. His extraordinary level of motivation and focus saw him rising to founding MetaDojo and leading its In-Game Experience Team. He is obsessed with the infinite possibilities the Metaverse opens.

Kai | Co-Founder & CTO Blockchain

Kai was one of the founding members of Aimy Limited. He led the product development of Aimy’s second generation system AimyOne, which was successfully launched in early 2021. He has taken up the challenge of leading MetaDojo’s Blockchain Team. His dream is to create a metaverse affordable and accessible to everyone.

Ida | Community & Partnership Manager

Ida has extensive experience in Human Resources and Procurement, and finally found her calling as an NFT Collector and avid Blockchain Learner a few years back, which led her to the Community & Partnership Manager role at MetaDojo. She loves fishing (not phishing), playing Legos, and online games such as Rise of Empire. She believes that “Everything is Awesome!” and advocates mental health awareness.

Leo | Senior Software Engineer

Leo has over 10 years of software experience mainly focused on the FinTech industry. He is passionate about writing clean / low latency code in various languages. In his downtime, he dabbles in Forex Trading and cooking.

Zac | Senior Software Engineer

Zac has a keen eye for detail and this definitely helps his attentiveness to his work structure. He is also a proud owner of a small garden where he grows organic vegetables.

Meng | Senior Concept Artist

A proud kiwi-Chinese and a self-proclaimed architecture nerd! With 10 years of experience in architecture, Meng is a spatial thinker that likes to contemplate the larger picture as well as finer details via conceptualization and spatial design. This avid fan of the Matrix also believes in the human potential and seeks to explore this through different means of spatial designs and sensory experience.

Deep | Senior Game Artist

Deep worked as a CGI artist in the graphic and indie-film industry for many years, including a large number of TV commercials, games and films. His passion is to develop high-definition, photo-realistic assets with many types of simulation work.

Steven | Game Artist

Steven grew up playing video games and has developed a passion for digital art and 3D worlds from a very young age. His dream is to share his passion to build a truly unforgettable experience.

YJ | UX/UI Designer

YJ fell in love with 3D when she first used the cinema 4D application. She inspires to create real life characters or toys out of her art one day.

Hannah | Quality Assurance Manager

Hannah is passionate about quality of product delivery and loves to kayak in her spare time.

Interested in joining the wider team of MetaDojo?

You might ask: How can I be a part of this project and support its growth? There are many ways to be part of the wider team of MetaDojo, such as becoming strategic partners, community partners, moderators, ambassadors, and supporters. Our Ambassador Program will be rolled out soon, so stay tuned!



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