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MetaDojo = the Metaverse + NFT Dojos

You would have heard all the fuss about the metaverse. After all, Facebook seems to be betting everything on it. Yes, we share the same belief that the metaverse is the future, it will slowly but surely replace the apps and websites you live with day in and day out. Why? Movies such as ‘Ready Player One’ tell you it’s because you will have such amazing immersive experiences and fun adventures that you won’t want to leave. That may well be the future but we have a long journey to travel before getting there.

What tends to be less commonly discussed about the Metaverse that we believe is the underlying reason why it’s the human race’s destiny - it gives people an alternative life, a brand new start to rewrite their stories! You can choose your identity (be a platypus if your heart so desires); buy land, build your dream house and live next to your friends (or even better, your idol!); find job opportunities and finally work with people you like; own digital assets and make money trading them; and more importantly, have a say in things that matter to you by casting votes in polls that no one can cheat.

It is only natural for humans to want to go beyond boundaries. That’s what drove Captain Cook to sail beyond the horizon, that’s what landed us on the moon (and Mars hopefully in a not so distinct future). When it gets too hard to get beyond the limitations of the physical world, we create a world where our mind and soul could keep exploring, potentially even beyond the death of our physical body.

That’s what the metaverse means to us. That’s why we know it’s coming and no one could stop it. Next question that we have been asking ourselves over the past few months -how do we contribute to bringing this future closer?

A dōjō is a hall or place for immersive learning or meditation. We want to make it a little bit easier when people and businesses start building their metaverses by giving them ready-to-use 3D buildings. They can use them as their homes, art galleries, shops, schools, night clubs… Your imagination is the only limit. They will come with levels of configurations and can be seamlessly deployed to any metaverse and embedded on websites and social media channels (yes, we believe Web2 still has a role to play for a long time).

Pick a Dojo ready to roll for your metaverse or website

If further customizations and bespoke designs are desired, we will have a marketplace where talented ‘Ninjas’ offer their expertise and services. Happy with your Dojo but need help with hosting events that make meaningful impacts? Talk to the event manager Ninjas. Wanting to upgrade your Dojo or looking for a metaverse to place it? Approach a real estate Ninja. You get the picture.

Got excited? Follow us to stay tuned with our upcoming fundraising activities and development plans. We look forward to handing over your dream Dojo to kick start your metaverse journey!




Dojos are versatile and customizable metaverse premises that can be embedded to websites or deployed to metaverses. Inside these purpose-built 3D buildings, owners can display and trade their NFT collections, promote products and services, host virtual events, and much more.

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We build ready-to-use & customizable NFT premises for the Metaverse and websites

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