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2019 Achievements

Dear friends, if you follow #MetaHash news agenda carefully, you might have noted that our project has grown significantly over the past year. It is already at the finish line in seeking the original idea described in the technical documents.

Launching forging, then a new type of forging with a wallet, a great increase in capitalization, testing and launching of the Infrastructure Torrent Node on the Mainnet, development of the safest messenger #MetaTalk, preparation of the second generation of Peer node, release of #MetaWallet on iOS, one of the safest and fastest multi-currency wallets — all these and many other important steps became possible thanks to the joint efforts of the #MetaHash team and its community.

Community support is crucial, so we launched a program #MetaGather aimed to expand the community this summer, due to which #MetaHash users can get more #MetaHashCoins. Moreover, we introduced a special system of distributing rewards depending on geo-coefficients that stimulates users to develop infrastructure and launch nodes in regions with fewer nodes. Also, special bonuses for being in a “difficult” geo contribute to project decentralization.

Is decentralization possible without a high popularity of the project? That is why #MetaHash is actively developing partnerships and now users can find information about the network (CMC, Investing, Blockfolio, CoinGecko, TradingView, DeltaApp), monitor its capitalization, and also perform various operations inside it easier. In addition, #MHC is already represented on several exchanges, in particular, on CEX, Bitforex, Kucoin, Bitmax and Bit-z.

In the last weeks of the past year, we have prepared a large-scale update of #MetaGate, tested and opened #MetaHashProxy on the MineNet, run tests of Service Torrent Node, a role designed to distribute information about blockchains among #MetaGate and other nodes.

Of course, each new role undergoes not only technical verification, but also the process of integration into the network economy. So, the most complex and important roles require at least a month of trust accumulation from nodes running for them. Although all tests pass in the operating mode, our technical team devotes a lot of time on checking out the functionality, usability of the network, and system safety.

After final tests of the Torrent Node only two last roles (Verification Node and Core Node) must be tested and implemented on the Mainnet. By the way, their codes are already available on GitHub and can be tracked in #MetaGate, but delegation and awards are not yet available for users.

As you can see, #MetaHash has come a long way in 2019. It’s like nothing but new achievements and new opportunities ahead! We thank all the community for its support and faith in the project — especially those who stay with us from the very beginning!

Next year we will continue to excite you with new achievements. We thank you all for being a part of our community. Keep it up on participating actively in role testing, forging and, in general, to contribute the project development in order to create a truly decentralized network together!

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