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2020 summary

This year is coming to the end. It was interesting, and it was challenging — enthusiasts announced very promising solutions based on #MetaHash, scammers attacked our social networks, you made the first purchases for #MHC… Thanks to you #MetaHash was able to overcome all external and internal difficulties. Let’s remember what 2020 brought.


Regular updates of #MetaGate have made it faster, provided code refactoring, and optimized many processes. Our blockchain browser is now open to the entire crypto community — it combines search and advertising functions. Through it, you can open any Internet page (even under .onion domain) without worrying about the reliability and security of the connection. And, of course, we will keep working on it — you can help by pointing out any shortcomings.

A year ago, we increased the period of coin emission to stimulate forging, as well as reduced the forging pool. Now emission is intended for 20 years, and the current pool is 13.8%. The next change is scheduled for February 2021.

The project is almost ready for decentralization — all the server source codes are published, and nodes are being actively installed by users. During this year we have tested C-Torrents and Verificators, and opened them for the mainnet. Additional improvements are being made to the Cores code.

Codes for all roles can be found on GitHub, and you can also track team nodes and working member nodes in #MetaGate. You can also explore the comments of our technical group in the repository — here are the latest technical updates. Also, users can find various useful developments on GitHub, for example, randomization algorithm or mobile wallets code (for iOS and Android).


The community became more aware of the project, more involved in its development. After a few interviews with enthusiasts, you started to share your plans and developments. In particular, the activists presented the functionality of mhc.watch, and reported on the process of developing MHConnect, a wallet for Android.

By the way, don’t forget that you can help expand the community — with the #MetaGather program, you can get a reward for attracting new users.

We thank our community for this year and ask to support the network further — with active participation in testing, development, and the social life of the project!


Thanks to our partnership agreements, a totally new network functionality is available now — users can register their domains in #MetaGate via the special service Hashtag Space, and pay for them in #MHC!

An additional MGExternalConnectorService repository is also in design — the code is already available on GitHub. We will announce its functionality very soon.

Interaction with exchangers is actively worked out. We hope that after the successful relaunch of Torrents the situation will change for the better.


2020 was not easy for the whole world but proved the viability of blockchain and cryptocurrency once more. One by one, developed countries convince of the importance of fintech, and start investing in it and change legislation.

This, combined with the demand for digital ecosystems, supports confidence in the success of #MetaHash. Besides, to stimulate the project, its functionality will be developed after the decentralization phase to help other users create tokens based on our blockchain.

Next year we will continue to move forward gradually but surely and work together on new achievements. Thank you all for your engagement, we believe that together we can create a truly decentralized network that will benefit everyone!


During the holidays we will suspend our weekly reports — our technical department is planning to get at least some sleep :) We will be back in mid-January!

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