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Blockchain and healthcare

Despite the explosive technological development, the modern healthcare system does not yet use enough tools to exchange medical information that meets all modern requirements.

New approaches to data storage and management models, virtual medical records, patient monitoring and medical data analysis, logistics and resource allocation control, combating counterfeiting and wasteful use, clinical and biomedical research… All these areas can be significantly optimized with the help of blockchain technology.

Blockchain solutions can ensure that data is not accidentally or intentionally replaced by anyone, including doctors and healthcare providers. The decentralized network and information in it are much more resistant to loss and external attacks. Ineffective supply chain management and the prevention of the distribution of counterfeit or poor quality medicines, tools or devices are also eliminated. What is very important, the interoperability of modern blockchain platforms that “understand” the various types of protocols and standards ensures high adaptability to any access format.

Several healthcare projects involving distributed technologies are already launched. FarmaTrust offers the blockchain solution with AI, which helps people to understand if a drug is fake and avoid health problems. The Guardtime IT-platform stores medical data from more than a million patients. MedCredits is built using smart Ethereum contracts, allowing users to send diagnostic requests to doctors around the world and instantly pay for their consultations. Coral Health has introduced blockchain technology to safe and secure operating the genetic data needed to develop new drugs.

Unfortunately, the active development of such initiatives is complicated by a number of barriers: the flow of news about the loss and monetization of personal data, the conservatism of some medical institutions in relation to innovations, outdated technological equipment, lack of standards, low competence and bad knowledge of users, as well as immaturity of the technology.

However, the #MetaHash team believes that while the world is plagued by epidemic and panic, decentralized technologies will help to separate the right news from the wrong ones, process patient data and synchronize the efforts of the world, predict new outbreaks and prevent the further spread of both viruses and false medical information.

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The fastest crypto-currency in the world! https://metahash.org/

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