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D-domains are spreading thanks to HashtagSpace

The #MetaHash community is growing day by day, so it’s time to introduce the functionality of decentralized web hosting to newcomers.

As you know, traditional centralized web hosting works by maintaining your website on a provider’s servers. If for some reason these servers are overloaded or shut down, the site and its content will be unavailable. In a highly competitive environment this may result in a loss of customers for businesses, for example.

Blockchain has made it possible to fundamentally change the way of hosting and domain naming. The #MetaHash team actively supports such initiatives — we believe that everyone should have access to the Internet and be able to make business without fear of censorship.

Last year it became possible to change the classical approach thanks to the HashtagSpace project launched by a team of blockchain enthusiasts with Robert @kayakman21. This service allows to easily and quickly create a working domain and store files decentrally, on peer-to-peer user nodes chosen by the algorithm, which means that a related website will work stably.

If you’re not ready to create a new domain and switch to new hosting manner (by the way, you can pay for it in #MHC both at https://hashtag.space/ and via our browser https://metagate.metahash.org/), but still want to decentralize the current domain, you can redirect it to any popular browser using HashtagSpace. The platform provides plugins for most famous traditional browsers (plus TOR and Onion) to adapt #domains to them.

So, under the #metahash domain you will find our official website, the #help domain is already running a portal with important information for beginners, #hashtagspace will send you to its app. Needed websites are also at hand: #youtube, #google, #wikipedia. Some people even use the service to promote their blogs, for example, one of our community members made the domain #KetoMountain.

There are 762 registered hashtags* overall, and it’s high time to add your own d-domain to the list :)

*Please note that the list is actual for July 21, 2021. Not all of these domains are linked, so some of them cannot be found in explorer yet.

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