Decentralize with #MetaHash

We are pleased to announce the opening of #MetaHash network for developers and release of TestNet version of #MetaDev application — an interface for publishing decentralized applications hosted on our ultra-fast blockchain platform. 
Using #MetaDev now any developer or web-site owner can release its application, service or web page in #MetaHash test network by simply applying a link to a zip file of the content. The network will source the file from the indicated location and will distribute it among the decentralized servers which are currently used in #MetaHash test network. Once the node roles will be distributed among network users later this autumn and #MetaHash will be released into full force, the applied content will be further distributed among all users nodes and become widely decentralized. 
 To decentralize your application or web page please use #MetaDev application in #MetaGate:

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