Definitions of the #MetaHash system

Sep 13 · 3 min read

Guys, our project is growing, so we started to share important news and updates with you more often than ever. But some news causes lively discussions from time to time. Newcomers also may have questions.

For these reasons, and also because official documents (WP and YP) are expected to be updated, we decided to prepare a short educational program based on the latest topics and collect the most difficult definitions to facilitate your work with #MetaHash.

Let’s start right now!

  • What is #MetaGather?

It’s a program aimed at growing #MetaHash community with free forging trials and referral rewards has been launched today. Thanks to it all #MetaHash community members can start getting additional #MetaHashCoins by inviting friends to forging, while the latter can get 1000 #MHC as free rent and start forge free coins at zero cost. To join the program please follow the instructions at the official page at

  • What is the Infrastructure Torrent Node?

The role of Infrastructure Torrent is used to store entire blocks for enterprise clients, thus unloading the torrents which are used by the end users. Delegation of storing the blocks for enterprises to the community is entirely secured as each of these blocks has a signature of the core which guarantees its authenticity.

  • What is a geo cluster?

It’s the same as a geo factor. Every server is attributed to one of three geo zones: Asia, Americas, and Europe. The node reward for forging is assigned considering the geo factor and composed of two parts: the fixed share and the geo share.

  • What is a Seed Cap?

After the introduction of the new role, a new limit for nodes called Seed Cap was designated. It denotes the minimum of the server’s own capital needed to let the server be qualified for the node’s role. For Infrastructure Torrent the Seed Cap will be set at 100 000 #MHC.

  • Who are corporate users?

They are enterprise users such as exchanges, retail, banking, and others which usually support and track their users’ accounts on their own and require to download the whole blocks from the chain rather than request balances or transaction history.

  • What is #MHC burning?

As a part of preparations for the final stage of network’s decentralisation we decided to make our coin supply more transparent for all coin holders. We took a decision to burn some of the previously allocated amounts such as Round B, Fork, and Founders Coins. By the way, you can check how many coins are burned now here.

That’s all for today! Offer your options in our Telegram chat and share information with new participants — let’s expand our dictionary together!

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We are expanding the pool of partners: now exchanges could list our token themselves. Here is a link to the guide —

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The fastest crypto-currency in the world!

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