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Differences in S-Torrent and I-Torrent Functionalities

The architecture of the network #MetaHash is built on the interaction of 6 different nodes’ roles, which provides speed, security, and decentralization of the system. We described in detail the functionality and purpose of each role, but many users still do not see the difference between Service-Torrent and Infrastructure-Torrent. Let’s get to the bottom of it.

Service Torrent Node is designed to distribute information about block chains, accept connections from all roles and transfer data between #MetaGate and other nodes. In addition, Torrent Nodes can provide information about the balance of their wallets upon user requests, as well as perform specific tasks to support the application. These nodes have enough capacity to store blockchain data, so they can be used to work with a raw data archive.

Infrastructure Torrent Nod is also designed to support corporate users such as stock exchanges, retailers, banks and others. Infrastructure Torrent Node is needed to store entire blocks of data — it allows to offload information used by end-users. Delegation of such blocks storage is fully protected — each block is signed by the core, which ensures its authenticity.

With the advent of these roles, forging award distribution algorithms have been modified to optimize community interaction and make networking rewards more transparent and fair. However, the requirements for the roles vary:

  • To become an active Service Torrent Node, a user will need 1,000,000 #MHC (100,000 coins must be his equity), with a HardCap of 20,000 000 delegated #MHCs.

So, as you can see, every link in the system, including both Torrents, is not only vital to its effective functioning but also capable to bring practical benefits into blockchain enthusiasts operating.

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