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Economics of Forging Remuneration

Dear community, on February 13, 2020, changes in the reward distribution for different forging types came into force according to WP and EP.

The financial model of the project means a step-by-step issuance of #MHC in the next 10 years, starting with the issue of 15.4% in the first year and ending with the issue of 0,5% in the 11–20th year period. Half of this coin pool is planned to stimulate forging. In other words, user rewards for forging on the network #MetaHash will be 4.600.000.000.000 #MHC for 10 years, and the 2020-rewards will be 634.800.000 #MHC or 13.8% of the 10-year pool according to the technical documentation.

The economy of rewards for all kinds of forging is the following:

  • 50% of the pool allocated for 2020 goes to rewards for forging (that is 317,400,000 #MHC per year or 867,213.114754 #MHC per day).
  • 40% is allocated to nodes reward (that is 253,920,000 #MHC per year or 693,770.491803 #MHC per day). 16% of this pool is allocated among nodes proportionally to the delegated coins, then 2% goes to each geo, whether it be Peer, Infrastructure Torrent, Service Torrent or Verification Nodes.
  • 10% will reward active wallets (that is 63,480,000 #MHC per year or 173,442.622950 #MHC per day).

We thank users who have already launched new roles and encourage others to take part in the development of the project as well — together we will make #MetaHash even more attractive and important for the blockchain industry!

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