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Last updates: launching new Nodes rewards

Dear community! In the near future some important changes will make the project more attractive and significant for the crypto community.

At the moment Torrent Node and Verification Node testing is almost completed. The results are very encouraging — on February 13th, right after the update of the rewards pool, the corresponding rewards for new roles will be introduced into the network. Don’t forget to follow the news — we will describe the economics of new roles in detail.

We would like to thank those users who have launched and tested new roles (even without the rewards), who sent us logs and shared their views on the problems concerning the nodes installation. Your help is significant, thank you for your help in developing the network!

Core Nodes still need to be improved, although Soft Cap and Hard Cap are already agreed — to release it in the Mainnet we are waiting only for internal/ external testing as well as trust accounting system.

As you can see, the beginning of 2020 is no less active than last year — with your support we will achieve even more results!



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