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#Metahash community interview. Feruz.

Dear community, we continue to strengthen the community connections — today we are pleased to share with you an interview with Feruz, one of #MetaHash enthusiasts.

Feruz: Hey everyone! It’s very humbling to get a chance to share my views. I have a degree in IT and consider myself as a creator/entrepreneur. Last two decades we have seen the tech industry leaping forward to evolve and having a huge impact on human evolution — this fact gets me excited and at the same time puts responsibility for creators.

Feruz: In short, yes! I think cryptocurrency or general distributed ledger technologies are natural progression of IT. As humans evolve and discover new abilities and experiences in ourselves, we need more freedom. Freedom in form of expressing ourselves, in a form of financial independence and in a form of privacy. These things became possible with blockchain emergence.

Feruz: In my opinion, every new technology goes through certain cycles that rediscovers its use cases. At the very beginning blockchain was used as base layer technology, with the arrival of Bitcoin cryptocurrencies gained popularity, after invention of Ethereum the smart contracts took the lead, then tokenization of web and privacy become the main goal and ultimately the completely reshaped Web came to the fore. We have many hard problems to solve and many base layers to scale — for example, social media preserving user’s privacy and taking complete control over the data. So, I believe that private accessible/ distributed protocols will bring us close to completely reshaping web.

Feruz: First time I have heard about #Metahash on some Youtube videos, which got me interested to check out its Whitepaper and read more about project. At that time I was sceptical with use of buzzwords “next generation, 4.0, etc.” But soon after learning more, I liked the concept and forging — potentially, they could be good ways to incentivize users to join. So I joined project and invested in crowdsale.

Feruz: I do daily maintain servers to help further decentralization of #Metahash. Last year after start of forging, I have built getmetahash.com website to help myself and fellow delegators to learn more about #Metahash. Hope to put more time and effort to project once full decentralization is reached. We have got a lot of work ahead of us, but I am sure that we will get there united!

Feruz: For me, forging, free transactions, scalability solutions are most favorite parts of the project. Although scalability solution is pretty complex, I am seeing quite good improvements over the previous generation projects. Once fully realized, I think, it will revolutionize entire blockchain space. Free transactions are another great feature which deserve to be highlighted. We have seen projects in a past being spammed with bot transactions at no cost or with small cost drive up transaction fees — it will be interesting to see how #MetaHash system will handle more volume as we grow/scale. Forging is super simple way to stake #MHC (especially with support for mobile devices), so, I think, #MetaHash is close to mass adoption. I know, we have bright future ahead of us!

We thank Feruz for this conversation! If you want to take part in the interview, please contact #MetaHash administrators of the official Telegram-chat!



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