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#Metahash VS Solana

While waiting for development news, we’ve prepared a brief comparison of #Metahash and Solana. Both projects have a lot in common: strong teams, active community, high speed, and a non-standard approach to consensus. Both projects have already proved their ideas in the cryptomarket, listed on exchanges, and got partners.

What are the strengths of these services? Both #Metahash and Solana solve the scalability problem, which is almost as old as the first cryptocurrency. Many very famous companies like Ethereum and EOS promised to find the solution — but for now, the community is looking for the key to unlimited performance growth.

For example, most modern blockchain networks take roughly 20 seconds for all nodes to synchronize blocks. But Solana does about 50,000–60,000 transactions per second. And the potential performance of #MetaHash is more than 5 billion transactions per day, requiring no more than three seconds for verification.

Even before the launch of Mainnet, #MetaHash tests involving almost 250 nodes of various roles showed a performance of 60,000 TPS. Now, with the activation of user nodes (although not all of them meet even the minimum hardware requirements), it has grown to 160,000 TPS. It’s more than other projects on the market can offer.

The next advantage of both projects is decentralization which provides a wide field of possibilities for users. This year #MetaHash released updates to its cores and achieved full decentralization, soon the project’s developers will launch a vote functional. Solana users can vote too (in questions of protocol management).

The projects also take care of attracting users, but the approaches are different. So, Solana chose steaking, #MetaHash opted for forging, and the hardware requirements and entry threshold are really loyal in both cases.

To understand the differences, we’ve gathered information about hardware requirements, commission rates — everything you need to start working on the platform.

** https://static.metahash.org/docs/MetaHash_YellowPaper_EN.pdf?v=6

*** https://docs.solana.com/running-validator/validator-reqs

Hope to bring you news on voting early next week!

Have a great weekend!

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