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#MetaHash’s Honor Roll

As you see guys, bright stars and whole galaxies are lit up on the #MetaHash skyline!

Enthusiasts gather teams, develop unique solutions and extensions for our ecosystem and promote the project. Let’s deep into the #MetaHash universe and see what’s inside ;)

The first (and perhaps the largest) constellation is the HashtagSpace team — you won’t miss it! They launched a decentralized app with extremely useful functionality. It’s now available on #Metagate, there’s a web version as well.

So what exactly does this dApp offer?

  • decentralized domains, for just $24.95 a year
  • theBRIDGE tool, an easy way to buy #MHC using PayPal
  • d-messenger, the first truly decentralized social network
  • d-mail, decentralized mail that will be available a little later

Our next stars are from MHConnect, they developed their own wallet. We are very glad to meet such initiatives because decentralization is not only about distributed nodes or voting, but also about alternatives. The user wallet can be used on Android and iOS mobile devices. Learn more about its functionality from this video.

Speaking of alternatives, we must mention blockchain explorers. In addition to the official MHScan you can now also use MHC.Watch. By the way, this site is supported by the same team, MHConnect!

The real superstar of our space is the Detax team. They are known for being one of the first to install nodes in both testnet and mainnet. Now these guys provide installation and rent services for network nodes, working with our DeFi development partner, TokenEcho.

There are also MHC.zone who shine — in recent months they have become a real voice of the people. By attracting new users, they explain the network principles very clearly and try to make communication between users as convenient and enjoyable as possible. Get at least MetaBoy Tip Bot for Telegram!

Thanks to their initiative, a few weeks ago our community got users-Ambassadors, whose role is to help newcomers (by the way, they do it great!), as well as to moderate chats. We are sure that the Ambassadors will still pleasantly surprise us!

Metaslots project remains an unexplored planet — everyone is waiting impatiently for the release of their game based on #MetaHash blockchain! The project is currently on pause but work on it will resume soon.

We are sure there are many more great and ambitious discoveries to come, based on a truly decentralized platform! To the moon!

P.S. Many of you probably noticed our small spoiler about what the devs is working hard on right now. So our team really hope that we soon gladden you with an official release ;)

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