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New #MetaGate features

We would like to announce a new service for the MetaGate Browser launched in collaboration with https://hashtag.space and https://metahash.org.

#HashtagSpace offers the ability to register any #domain of your choosing. #domains aim to revolutionize the way we think of domain names and access information.

Since the inception of the Internet the standard http protocol with TLD’s like the famous .com have always been the gateway to access the world wide web. Newer formed companies are often faced with the issue of finding that right domain name that hasn’t already been registered.

With the “ # ” symbol, the gold rush is on. We tossed out the traditional protocols and TLD’s in favor of the world’s most popular “user defined” symbol, The “ # “. This gives you the chance for a simple and effective #domain.

What we bring you is simple:

Domains are on a per year basis at the rate of $24.95. You can choose to host your new website on our decentralized network (coming soon), or simply use our new (DDNS) Domain Dapp Name Service to Direct your new #domain to your current web or dapp address, fully masked in the browser.

A decentralized Internet, with unstoppable and immutable #domain names using the Internet’s favorite #symbol in collaboration with the MetaGate Browser and https://metahash.org.

We believe that everyone should be able to access the Internet and conduct business without fear of censorship. To demo a working #domain you can launch the MetaGate and enter #SEO in the url bar which will resolve to https://blackwood.productions.

Find us in the MetaGate browser under MetaApps and register your #domain now!

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