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Practical use of #MetaHash technologies. Part 2. Online games

In the modern world, it is difficult to overestimate the importance of speed, reliability and accuracy provided by cryptographic technologies. Although such global areas as financial, economic, industrial, etc. come first, blockchain is also designed to improve narrower areas such as, for example, the computer game industry. There are a lot of niches to apply blockchain in this field: changing the game mechanics, determining the winners through voting, storing data about the players assets, secure payment and many others.

But let’s talk today about such attractive game “chips” as collecting, roulette or loot boxes (virtual treasures giving you a random reward). Today, collections and “goodie boxes” have become almost the most common game mechanics online. The attraction for users is that collectibles are usually given out as a reward for difficult actions, and the “artifact“ value is determined by its rarity. In the case of loot boxes players are attracted by the element of excitement: you can get items of different values and different purposes, buying or finding a box. Again, the value of an “opened” object is determined by its non triviality.

But how to guarantee uniqueness? What can prevent the game creators to behave like an unscrupulous casino and “shuffle the cards”, giving insignificant items to players, motivating them to buy again and again in the hope of getting the long-awaited prize? The answer is simple — the blockchain is created just to prevent such frauds.

Records are stored in the chain and distributed across network nodes, so, they are virtually impossible to falsify. Such a fact makes this technology the most reliable and transparent way to confirm transactions and store information. With the arrival of the blockchain in game projects, its “random” will be honest — all game processes and mechanics will be available for each user. That’s why if a game developer uses a blockchain platform and thereby guarantees the value of really rare items, the community will interact with this project much more willingly.

Of course, not every game creator can invest in blockchain development. That’s why ecosystems like our #MetaHash network come to the rescue — here you can quickly integrate your own developments, exchanging experience with other decentralized applications, having a single payment system and guaranteed transparency for both developers and users. Needless to say, the mechanism that guarantees transparency and, thus, the uniqueness of the objects, opens a new century in the gaming market — the age of reliability, openness and trust.

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