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Project progress 02.07.2021

It’s already July, we are halfway through 2021. Our team has already summarized the results of the first half of this year, now let us look ahead.

The second quarter was marked by internal works and testing of new features. But as practice has shown, it’s hard to predict possible problems that may arise during the tests, as it was a couple of weeks ago. So our technicians continue to monitor the network carefully to be ready for possible difficulties.

What will the third quarter bring?

  • voting
  • smart tokens
  • DeFi and DEX integration

We’ve already talked about voting and tokens, and are going to give more information about integration with DeFi and DEX next week.

Speaking of voting, it’s important to know that its introduction includes two stages:

  • Firstly, we’ll add the ability to create polls on free topics. By the way, this would come in handy while voting for Ambassadors :)
  • Secondly, we’ll add the voting feature for network updates. This type of voting is more complicated and requires more careful development. Nevertheless, thanks to the efforts of our developers and your support, this function is already 90% ready.

The work on smart tokens is also in an active phase, we are running internal tests now. It’s very encouraging that the community is already interested in this functionality and that many of you understand how important tokens are for the decentralized system.

But most importantly, the last month has shown that each one of you can contribute to the project, make it stronger and help other users. Very soon we’ll publish an article about the main achievements of our enthusiasts.

Let’s move on together!

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