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Project progress 05.03.2021

Hello everyone!

We hope your first spring week was productive! Over the past few days, our team (with your help!) has taken several small but very important steps.

The main news, of course, is related to the upcoming launch of awards for Cores. We remind you that the rewards will be activated as early as Tuesday, March 9th. For a successful start, the participation and activity of the community is very important — we need at least 8 users’ Core nodes.

Also, to run the Core, you must have enough coins on the node balance — it’s Soft Cap is 10.000.000 #MHC. Otherwise, the reward will not come.

This must be done no later than Monday. Thus, Tuesday will already be counted, and the first awards will be distributed as early as Wednesday.

After the introduction of rewards for Core, the whole reward pool will proceed as follows:

In addition, a small defect in MetaGate was fixed. Now the Cores versions are displayed correctly. This feature is available for version 0.5.954. To update, just restart the app.

But this is not the only change in our main program. Just yesterday, information about the status of testers appeared in the Network Monitor app. For now, this function is only available for Peer nodes, but we will add all other nodes in the future.

An inaccuracy with the geos for Infrastructure Torrents has also been fixed.

P.S. Don’t forget to support our partners’ projects! Robert Bibb (Telegram @ kayakman21) continues to actively develop his #HashtagSpace app. On its basis, users can not only purchase a decentralized domain, but also use a decentralized social network — https://hashtagspace.social/

Join the community, use referral links to invite friends and participate in the development of the network!

P.P.S. Robert also often shares his ideas and plans in our international chat :)

That’s all for today, stay in touch!

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The fastest crypto-currency in the world! https://metahash.org/

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The fastest crypto-currency in the world! https://metahash.org/

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