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Project progress 07.05.2021

Hi everyone!

Have you seen the updated roadmap and our latest news? :)

If not, be sure to do it, in the updated Roadmap section of the website or on Medium.

We really have a lot of work ahead! To help other crypto projects and give the community the best blockchain tools, our team is constantly improving the network stability. We need #MetaHash to be able to function and self-repair in any case, so the current difficulties help us find and fix any possible synchronization problems.

We are also developing partnerships. So, this week we have a new partner. It’s a promising startup Token Echo, a data mining provider for DeFi-projects. Together we will definitely make the DeFi market faster and easier, and improve the user experience with our future DEX!

Also, the recent days we’ve launched a platform for node owners and developers. Join it to discuss installation tips, share ideas or codes!

P.S. Thank you for sharing #MetaHash news in social networks — for example, the latest interview with Gleb Nikitin. It really pleases the team and supports the project!

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