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Project progress 10.09.2021

It’s Friday! It means it’s time to share a fresh report on the progress of #MetaHash!

Have all of you updated #MetaGate and Service Torrents? If not, do it — without the updated software you won’t be able to use smart tokens (which we’ll introduce very soon!) and other network benefits.

But let’s talk about another kind of token, NFT. As promised, we will reveal some details about the development progress.

First of all, the website for NFT is almost ready, now it is going through the final checks.

Second, we decided to divide the introduction of NFT into two stages. Initially, everyone will get the opportunity to upload images, without auctions. After that, we will introduce the basic functions of non-interchangeable tokens.

Have you already made a plan on what to upload to the platform? ;)

In addition, according to Gleb Nikitin, over time NFT trading in #MetaHash will be based on our own DEX (its launch is planned for 2022), and bridges between our network and other blockchain platforms will be built.

Also, it’s very nice to see that the development progress pushes the community spirit! So, for example, in addition to the official chats, you’ve created new chats — and everyone can join them or create their own if suppose that some aspect of the project’s life is not covered yet.

Here’s a list of current chat rooms:

If we missed any other, equally important chats, feel free to post in the comments. Get as many users as possible to join our communities of interest!

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