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Project progress 11.12.2020

Holidays are coming, but #MetaHash is still working hard!

Our devs continue to set up synchronization of Torrents and Cores. We are most concerned about this process.

The network speed is also in focus. Last week the speed of transactions has already increased significantly, but this is not the limit. Our team is working on the so-called Multicore which can boost the network and optimize the block generation process. As a reminder, by “Multicore” we mean a mechanism for all Cores synchronizing.

Some users are concerned about the situation with the crypto exchanges. We do not have direct access to their servers, this fact slows down the updating. Yet, as #MetaHash co-founder Gleb Nikitin has already mentioned, the team is doing our best to speed up the processes. For example, on December 8, withdrawal from Bitforex was opened.

That’s all for now, stay in touch!

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