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Project progress 20.08.2021

Hi all! Here is a new weekly report from the #MetaHash team.

Some of you may miss the recent interview with our co-founder Gleb Nikitin, it’s time to fill this gap ;) By the way, thanks to the efforts of our Ambassadors and other activists, soon we will share another video with Gleb.

Speaking of videos, what do you think about shopping with #MHC? Pizza, coffee, or maybe clothes?

Also, we’ve almost finished the reviews of the new roadmap stages, so let’s see how the development process goes.

Well, this week our devs have been working on the integration of smart tokens into #MetaGate to make token balance display correctly. Right now the new version is undergoing internal tests.

For the implementation of smart tokens, we have a detailed plan. Pretty soon every user will enjoy this functionality, just after several important steps.

  • the new version of #MetaGate passes internal tests
  • we release an update for Torrent tokens
  • the new version of #MetaGate becomes available for installation
  • we update its interface, then smart tokens are ready to use!

Do you know how to apply your own tokens? Let’s discuss it in chats!

P.S. If you have not played MetaMines from the MHC.ZONE team, this weekend is high time!

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