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Project progress 24.09.2021

Hi all!

Do you want a development update? Here is it — the technical work on smart tokens is finished!

Soon #MetaGate interface will be updated to version 0.5.993 and everyone of you will enjoy the new functionality.

The next important topic is the fee size for token creating. Unfortunately, we just can’t make it too low — otherwise, the network will be clogged with “useless” coins.

The amount of commission is being discussed by our founders, and you have a great opportunity to learn more by asking Gleb Nikitin during the next AMA! It will take place in a couple of days, on September 27th at 14:00 UTC-0, in the CRYPTO CHALLENGERS chat. We are waiting for everyone!

By the way, all the commissions that have already been implemented, or are just coming, will fill the forging pool. It helps to increase the rewards’ size and continue forging even after 20 years (after the end of the coin issue). Unless, of course, the community votes for something else :)

Speaking of voting, do you remember the announcement of the voting app web version? Watch its beta-version here! We do not plan huge changes, only the interface will be slightly changed, and compatibility with mobile devices will be improved.

Get your AMA questions ready and see you next week!

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The fastest crypto-currency in the world! https://metahash.org/

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The fastest crypto-currency in the world! https://metahash.org/

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